BLUEMED at the Sense and...

On 7 May 2019, LABUST team member Nadir Kapetanović took part in the Sense and Sustainability International Conference on Archaeology and Tourism as part of the "Dive into the Past: Underwater Archaeology and Sustainable Tourism" section. Nadir held a presentation titled "New technologies for improving the diver experiece in underwater cultural sites" about some of the results of the BLUEMED project we are taking part in.

Here are the topics, i.e. the results of the BLUEMED project Nadir talked about at the conference:

  1. augmented reality app onboard an underwater tablet as a virtual guide for divers with georeferenced diver localization,
  2. high-detail 3D photogrammetric models of the underwater archeological sites (BLUEMED pilot sites) merged with georeferenced3D bathymetry model from a multibeam sonar
  3. use of the merged 3D model in VR environments in Knowledge Awareness Centres (KACs) established near BLUEMED pilot sites.



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