Name: Cooperative robotics in marine monitoring and
exploration (Kooperativna robotika u nadzoru i istraživanju mora)

Acronym: CroMarX
Funding scheme: Croatian Science Foundation (IP-06-2016)

Total budget: 996,500 HRK
The total budget for UNIZG-FER: 996,500 HRK

Start: 01/04/2017
Duration: 56 months
Coordinator: University of Zagreb, FER
UNIZG-FER LABUST status: coordinator


CroMarX project is a project funded by the Croatian science foundation (HRZZ). It increases the efficiency of maritime research and surveillance by using cooperative marine vehicles. The project focuses on cooperative control algorithms for surface and underwater unmanned vehicles. 

The project is built around three scenarios:

  1. Formation keeping and collision avoidance scenario with multiple unmanned surface vehicles (USV)
  2. Cooperative control between USVs and an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) using low-bandwidth acoustic communication and localization
  3. Environment-adaptive formation shaping for USV groups

While research work in previous related projects focused on navigation, guidance, and control of unmanned vehicles, CroMarX allows for continued research and scaling toward cooperative heterogeneous systems. Intended CroMarX impacts are: a) increase research capabilities of the Laboratory for Underwater Systems and Technologies (LABUST) and b) increase the efficiency of marine resources management via cooperative robotics.