“D2” is an autonomous underwater vehicle developed for the purpose of assisting and interacting with a human diver within project Adriatic. The vehicle is based on a commercially available hand-held diving unit and upgraded with a propulsion skid for autonomous navigation. Six thrusters enable the vehicle to move in five degrees of freedom with a battery autonomy of 530Wh. The vehicle is equipped with a wide range of navigation sensors such as AHRS, DVL, GNSS, imaging sonar and depth sensor, as well as camera, lights, 10’’ display and acoustic modems. All the sensor processing is done onboard using two processing boards and the vehicle has the ability to communicate acoustically or using a wired connection. Weighting 25-30kg in air and in a form factor of 20x24x12’’ the D2 is relatively compact and approachable to divers.
Vehicle application:
• Diver-robot interaction
• Diver localization
• Diver navigation
Vehicle specifications:
• Depth Rating: 100 m
• Forward Looking Sonar: Tritech Gemini 1200 ik
• Doppler Velocity Log: Teledyne RDI Pathfinder 600kHz
• Inertial Motion Unit and Attitude, Heading, and Roll Sensor (IMU/AHRS)
• GPS: Commercial Grade UBlox OEM with optional deployable antenna or dual frequency
• Depth Sensor
• Low-Light HD 1080p USB Camera
• 2 x 1500 Lumen Adjustable LED Camera Lights
• 2 x 266.4Wh Lithium Ion Batteries• Depth Rating: 100 m
• 10.1” TFT LCD 1080p
• 6 x 200W thrusters
• 2 x Acoustic Communication/Localization Modem
• Size (W x L x H) : 596mm x 486 mm x 248 mm
• Weight in air 25kg