Built by LABUST
The autonomous surface platform is overactuated with 4 thrusters forming the ”X” configuration. This configuration enables symmetrical motion in the horizontal plane under any orientation. The platform has been developed at the University of Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Laboratory for Underwater Systems and Technologies. The platform was primarily developed for dynamic positioning and diver following and since then it’s application was extended to execution of multiple autonomous tasks.
The vehicle with its commercial name H2Omni-X, is produced, distributed and sold through the company H2O robotics (https://h2o-robotics.com/). 
Vehicle applications:
• Control algorithm testing
• Multivehicle cooperative control
• Diver tracking
• Diver communication and navigation
• Sensor calibration and navigation algorithm testing
Vehicle specifications:
• Size (W x L x H) 756mm x 756mm x 385mm
• Weight in air 25kg
• Carbon-fibre hull
• Speed Up to 2 knots
• Horizontal Thrusters 4 x 100w(200w)
• 3 to 6 hours autonomy
Sensors & Equipment:
• IMU + GPS navigation module
• WiFi communication with the base or other vehicles
• Camera above water and/or underwater
• Profiling sonar iWBMSe Norbit
• SeaTrac USBL Blueprint
• LinkQuest DVL
• BlueView DF900/2250
Software architecture:
• Robot Operating System
• Cascade low-level control system
• EKF navigation and target tracking
• Path and Trajectory following
• Neptus mission planning support