BlueyePro ROV
BlueyePro ROV is developed and sold by Blueye Robotics, Norway. It is a fully actuated ROV with 4 user replaceable 350W thrusters. It is rated for up to 305m and weighs 9kg in air. Its top speed is 3 knots and it can endure 2 hours of operation. Also, its HD camera coupled with a tilt mechanism and 3300 lumen lights ensure that BlueyePro delivers top-notch videos of the underwater world. Moreover, Blueye have developed a Python SDK which enables researchers and developers to control the ROV and retrieve its data with ease. 


Technical specifications:

Hull design: Hydrodynamic and hydrobalanced hull for stability and performance in ocean conditions. Ruggedized exterior for impact resistance.
Dimensions: 485 x 257 x 354 mm (LxWxH)
Depth rating: 1000 ft / 305 m
Weight: 9 kg
Speed: 1.5 m/s (3 knots)
Run-time: 2 hrs normal operation
Thrusters: 4 powerful thrusters, 4 x 350 W, 2 rear, 1 vertical center, 1 lateral. User replaceable.
Automation: Auto heading. Auto depth.
Camera: Light sensitive full HD 1080p/30fps, wide angle lens. -30° to +30° mechanical tilt. 115° vertical field of view (FOV).
Search Light: Powerful 3300 lumen LED lights below camera. 90 Colour rendering index (CRI) for precise colors. Fittings for extra lights as payload.
Sensors: Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) with 3-axis gyro and 3-axis accelerometer. Depth sensor. Magnetometer (compass). Temperature (inside and outside). Internal pressure sensor.
Payload: Standard fittings for payload on both top and bottom of the drone.
Software: Remote update of firmware on both drone and Surface Unit.
Storage capacity: 64 GB
Battery: 96 Wh lithium ion smart battery. User-replaceable.

Wireless transmitter: Wifi router for wireless connection to smartphones or tablets. USB port for attachment of ethernet adapter for wired connection in difficult wireless environment.
Wireless range: Range depending on environment. At least 15 m in open area.
Cable: Thin and strong cable optimized for use with ocean drones. Cable is replaceable for easy handling and upgradeable for other lenghts.