Anja Babić, PhD

Office: C09-16-1
Telephone: + 385 1 6129-577



Anja Babić is a researcher at the University of Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing and a member of the Laboratory for Underwater Systems and Technologies. She was involved in EU H2020 projects subCULTron - Submarine Cultures Perform Long-Term Robotic Exploration of Unconventional Environmental Niches and EXCELLABUST - Excelling Labust in Marine Robotics. She was previously involved in implementing tasks for a robot-assisted autism spectrum disorder diagnostic protocol using the humanoid robot NAO, and developing diver-focused sensing, data processing, and underwater communication as part of the FP7 project CADDY – Cognitive Autonomous Diving Buddy.

Her research interests include evolutionary, neural, and bio-inspired robotics, emergent behaviour, high-level mission planning, task allocation and scheduling, and communication between both heterogeneous agents and members of a swarm, as applied to marine robotic platforms. She is the Chair of the IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society Student Branch Chapter of the University of Zagreb.