Developing the Croatian Underwater Robotics Research Potential



Name: Developing the Croatian Underwater Robotics Research Potential
Acronym: CURE
Funding scheme: FP7-REGPOT
Grant Agreement Number: 229553
Total budget: 1.074.840
Start and end dates: 01/04/2009 – 31/03/2012
Coordinator: University of Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, LABUST
Social media: LABUST Facebook page


CURE project aims at reinforcing Croatian S&T potential in underwater robotics through a coherent set of measures. The measures are focused towards supporting and mobilization of human and material resources; developing strategic partnerships with well-known research centers in the EU; dissemination of scientific information and research results; facilitating communication between UNIZG-FER Laboratory for underwater systems and technologies (LABUST) and research entities having similar scientific interests in the EU as well as other stakeholders in the region; improving LABUST responses to socio-economic needs of the country and region especially related to Adriatic Sea. 

1. Excellence

The ultimate goal of CURE was to prepare ground for R&D integration of LABUST into the FP7 Programme, in terms of R&D proposals, scientific cooperation or business contacts. The project created additional visibility and impact by supporting relevant public relations, facilitated dissemination, transfer and exploitation of project results, and stimulated the participation of regional organizations in the EU R&D programs.

2. Impact

•    Upgrading the RTD capacity and capability of LABUST; 
•    Improving integration of the LABUST in the European Research Area;
•    Contributing to regional capacity building;
•    Improving LABUST potential to participate in European reserach projects.

3. Implementation - goals and achievements

•    Upgrading the existing research infrastructure at UNIZG-FER-LABUST by purchasing new equipment, employing 5 researchers, including 1          expert from abroad;
•    Mobilization of human resources by transfer of knowledge between LABUST researchers, collaborating experts and other experts from the          field;
•    Promotion of the CURE project results: web-site, press/media coverage of CURE activities, presentation of research results (conferences,            journals), organization of annual workshops and field trainings (BtS2009-2011, IPSIT 209-2011).