BLUEMED project biannual meeting held...

Nadir Kapetanović represented LABUST at biannual meetings of BLUEMED project partners which were held in Atlantis Consulting headquarters in Thessaloniki, Greece, on 25.06.2019. Partners presented the achieved results and discussed plans for the opening of the Knowledge Awareness Centres in underwater archeological pilot sites in Greece, Italy, and Croatia.


Also, BLUEMED with the support of Atlantis organized an all-day event European Maritime Day "One Sea. A Common Culture. A Great Future" on 26.06.2019. It is an initiative for the promotion of the project objectives and the capitalization of its results. During this event, MoUs were signed and a press conference with national reporters and journalists took place for the further dissemination of the BLUEMED project. Furthermore, through this event, local and international stakeholders had the opportunity to promote EU projects or other initiatives, which encourage the protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage (UCH), the reinforcement of the diving tourism and the enhancement of the public awareness on these important matters.

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