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Name: Expanded underwater robotics ready for oil spills
Acronym: e-URready4OS
Funding scheme: Directorate-General Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection - ECHO
Agreement number: ECHO/SUB/2016/740129/PREP/21

Total budget: 798.105,99 EUR
The total budget for UNIZG-FER: 60.181,08 EUR

Start: 01/01/2017
Duration: 24 months
Coordinator: Universidad Politecnica de Cartagena (Spain)
UNIZG-FER status: partner

website: http://www.upct.es/urready4os/?lang=en




A fleet of the autonomous vehicle will provide earlier detection and tracking of in-water oil plumes to feed numerical models and increase the preparednes to reduce the consequences of the oil spill on the coast. This Project is an extension of the URready4OS funded in the 2013 call to increase a fleet of training vehicles.



  • General
    1. Expand the already existing URready40S fleet (from 5 to 12 assets)
    2. Provide training to new vehicles teams joining the fleet
    3. Improve the current URready40S system
    4. Transfer the know-how to Maritime Safety Agencies
  • Specific
    1. Prepare a NEPTUS version fully adapted to all kind of fleet vehicles independently of their manufacturers
    2. Increase the capability of the MEDSLIK model to track small-scale spills
    3. Perform training exercises with new and currently vehicles
    4. Prepare and give short practical courses and demos to maritime safety agencies


e-UReady4OS concept scheme