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  • CroMarX - Kooperativna robotika u nadzoru i istraživanju mora (Cooperative robotics in marine monitoring and exploration) (HRZZ)

  • ACROSS - Centre of Excellence for Autonomous and Cooperative Robotic Systems (EU H2020 Teaming)
  • aPad - smaller, lighter, smarter autonomous marine surface vehicle (H2020 FETOPEN)
  • BLUEMED - Plan/test/coordinate Underwater Museums, Diving Parks and Knowledge Awareness Centres in order to support sustainable and responsible tourism development and promote Blue growth in coastal areas and islands of the Mediterranean (INTERREG Mediteran)
  • Breaking the Surface (US Navy ONRG)
  • CC - MARS - China Croatia Collaboration on Marine Robotic Systems (Bilateral China-Croatia)
  • CROBOHUB - Feasibility study for Croatian robotics digital innovation hub (I4MS)
  • e-URready4OS - Expanded underwater robotics ready for oil spills (ECHO)
  • EUROFLEETS2 - New operational steps towards and alliance of European research fleets (FP7)
  • EUMarineRobots - Marine robotics research infrastructure network (EU H2020 INFRAIA)
  • EXCELLABUST - Excelling LABUST in marine robotics (EU H2020)
  • MORUS - Unmanned system for maritime security and environmental monitoring (NATO SPS Programme)
  • PLADYFLEET - A fleet of unmanned surface marine vehicles PlaDyPos (H2020 Fire+)
  • RoboCom++ - Rethinking Robotics for the Robot Companion of the future (FLAG - ERA)
  • SPATEL - Spatial Auditory HMI for UxV Teleoperation (US Navy ONRG)
  • subCULTron - Submarine Cultures Perform Long-Term Robotic Exploration of Unconventional Environmental Niches (H2020 FET)