Visit and lecture by Liisa Janssens

Liisa Janssens LLM MA, scientist Emerging Disruptive Technologies and Law, unit Defence, Safety and Security at TNO, the Netherlands visited LABUST on 20-21 May 2024 and provided a lecture on Responsible AI and Rule of Law. More about the talk and speaker can be found below.

Liisa Janssens LLM MA works as a scientist at TNO in interdisciplinary teams to navigate research-projects on emerging disruptive technologies, for example AI in counter unmanned aircraft systems.

In her talk Liisa Janssens elaborated on a scenario-based method which is applied in civil-military research projects, for example in the recently launched NATO report: 'The Design of AI in C-UAS and the Rule of Law' of which she was the lead scientist.

She shared insights via providing answers to the following questions: 
How can we protect our freedom, safety and security with the best means and methods? 
And how can AI be part of means and methods (of warfare) in a responsible way?

The scenario-based method illustrates how scenarios can be a useful tool in navigating interdisciplinary challenges on deploying AI in civil and military operations.

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