LABUST @ MUZZA 2nd Week of Science

MUZZA's highly successful 2nd Week of Science, held from May 19th to 21st at the Zagreb Fair, showcased the impactful work of the non-profit association MUZZA in popularizing science, technology, culture, education, and sustainable development of society. With an impressive turnout of over ten thousand visitors, the event, led by President Mrs. Đurđica Protić, exemplified MUZZA's commitment to promoting science and technology.

Featuring a diverse array of activities, including 60 workshops and nine discussion panels on trending scientific topics, the event engaged attendees of all ages. LABUST, along with other laboratories from FER, and 40 exhibitors representing universities, schools, companies, and science and technology-related associations, contributed to the event's success.

LABUST members Juraj Obradović, Kristijan Krčmar, Matko Batoš, Luka Mandić, and Vladimir Slošić showcased interesting demonstrations, such as point cloud from LiDAR, simulated boat driving, underwater exploration, and remote robot control from a 2 km distance at LABUST's pool.

MUZZA's president Mrs. Đurđica Protić also took the opportunity to unveil her visionary plan for an interactive museum called MUZZA, aimed at making science, technology, culture, education, and sustainable development more accessible to the public.

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