2020 Conference Papers

LABUST members have been active in 2020 presenting papers in (virtual) conferences as well. The conferences and papers are the following:

  • 2020 IEEE OES Autonomous Underwter Vehicle Symposium (AUV) The Marine Robotics Research InfrastructureNetwork (EUMarine Robots): An Overview (Daniel Alcaraz, Gianluca Antonelli, Massimo Caccia, Gerard Dooly, Niamh Flavin, Achim Kopf, Martin Ludvigsen, António Pascoal, Jan Opderbecke, Joao Borges de Sousa, Matthew Palmer, Roberto Petroccia, Pere Ridao, Nikola Mišković, Sen Wang)
  • 2020 IEEE / ITU International Conference on Artificial Intelligence for Good IMPACT: a strategic partnership for sustainabledevelopment in marine systems and robotics (Francesco Maurelli, Szymon Krupinski, Antonio Pascoal, Nikola Mišković, Kostas Kyriakopolous, Pere Ridao, Maarja Kruusmaa, Ralf Bachmayer)
  • IFAC World Congress 2020 (Germany) Saliency and Anomaly: Transition of Concepts from Natural Images to Side-Scan​ Sonar Images (Nadir Kapetanović, Nikola Mišković, Adnan Tahirović) & Cloud-based remote control framework for unmanned surface vehicles (Zhao Wang, Shaolong Yang, Xianbo Xiang, Antonio Vasilijević, Nikola Mišković, Đula Nađ)
  • 17th IMEKO TC 10 and EUROLAB Virtual Conference - Inspection of Submerged Structures (Antonio Vasilijević, Nadir Kapetanović, Nikola Mišković)


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